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Outdoor pool design, development, delivery

Plan your site for outdoor poolOn a wet cold day in January SPA Creators began the process of delivering the design intent of our outdoor pool at Elcot Park Hotel. This was after a process of submitting to the authorities a detailed planning application taking into consideration trees, site specific issues, environment and heights of ground.

The start of the process was marking out the pool on the ground and preparing the site for the ground works team, SPA Creators were on site working closely with the ground workers to ensure as built is as per the design.

The dig started, lots of mud! and the removal of the spoil from the site, it’s something to consider when look at the process of building an outdoor pool. We managed to spread the soil in the grounds of the property.

The structure is then prepared with shuttering, and floor preparation, then the concrete is pumped into the steel frame. Once complete the concrete cures and then checks take place to double check all aspects, then begins the fitting of pool fittings and then tiling.

This process has taken 3 months and we hope to have the finished pool available to fill in May. We will publish an article on the full project on completion.

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Dig your hole making sure you have considered the sitesteel reinforcement pre concrete pour Pump concrete for walls and floor of outdoor pool

outdoor pool shell complete with fittingscheck and double check to ensure pool is as per spa designChoose funky tiles remembering they change colour once the water goes in

SPA Creators have over 20 years of spa design experience in hotels and high end residential properties.

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