The pandemic spurred a hunger for in-nature experiences and the creation of outdoor spa and wellness activities. The appetite for these activities shows no signs of abating. As we move into 2024 we are seeing the desire to spend time in water increase. Our designers are looking at ways of Incorporating water activities into our projects making them fun and relevant to guests. We believe this can help attract a more diverse crowd and provide unique experiences.

One idea to increase occupancy and create interesting experiences is to include live entertainment in the pool area, similar to the DJ station and swim-up bar at the Rabbit Hotel & Spa in Ireland. This allows guests to enjoy a combination of music, drinks, and swimming, enhancing their overall wellness experience.

Additionally, it is possible to offer watery wellness classes such as water yoga, Watsu, or sound bathing. These activities can provide a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for your guests, further enhancing the wellness offerings at your facilities.

On the cold side of the trend, there is surging interest in wild, cold and cross country swimming, once the domains of serious athletes. Wild swimming groups like the Bluetits Chill Swim offer inclusive group swims with epic adventures where hiking and wild swimming are combined. Looking at a property we can use the natural surroundings to provide these guest attractions.

In a previous article we wrote about building wild swimming ponds and this fits with future of wellness and nature immersion? Blue, hot, cold and wild. If we can help with the creation of wellness spaces at your property do reach out.