When you think of an outdoor spa, what exactly comes to mind? A bubbling hot tub, loungers, and most importantly of all, the sun? Unfortunately in the UK, the sun part is the most difficult to come by. So does that mean there is no merit in opening an outdoor spa in the UK? Not at all. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of an outdoor spa even in our very own temperate climate.
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Outdoor beauty

First of all, the UK is full of natural beauty such as sea views, sprawling landscapes, and beautifully coloured flowers, plants and trees. Scenic views make the perfect setting for an outdoor spa – all you need is appropriate warming equipment such as outdoor heaters, hot tubs or a heated pool to take all of the chill out of the air. Additionally, our mild weather offers pros as well as cons – it rarely gets too cold in the daytime to make an outdoor spa inoperable.

Making the most of the weather

In colder snaps, warm water of hot tubs and heated pools can be very comforting and healing, soothing aching joints and helping to boost circulation. In hotter weather, cold water in pools and showers can be refreshing and invoke exotic holiday vibes. The only times you’ll need to revert to your indoor spa is during adverse weather conditions that drive guests inside, such as heavy snow or sharp winds.

More guest opportunities

The extra space of an outdoor spa offers much increased guest capacity, making outdoor spas the perfect setting for luxury retreats, wellness gatherings, hen parties, birthday celebrations, health workshops, and much more. Additionally, events like these can act as excellent additional revenue streams.

Integration with increased preference for outdoor activities

Ever since Covid19 raised awareness of how airborne illnesses can spread, more and more activities were moved outdoors by necessity – and have since stayed there! It comes as no surprise to many of us that plenty of leisure and relaxation attractions do not have to be held indoors. With more and more people now actively choosing to be outside for health reasons, spas can set a great example. When you plan a spa with an outdoor area in mind, you drastically lower your building expenses and increase your potential guest capacity, all whilst appealing to the most health-conscious guests who wish to be outdoors as much as possible.

Even more relaxing!

Finally, outdoor spas can be a much stronger stress reduction. Indoor spas are wonderful, but being able to relax and be pampered out in the open just adds a little something extra special. Guests will reap the benefits of fresh air, enjoy the view, and listen to relaxing nature sounds like birdsong. Add in a large blue pool and you can’t get any more luxurious!

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