For a happy hotel guest, it’s the little things that count! Take a look at our blog article on what you can learn from negative spa reviews before we get started. A lot of those points can also be applied to the general hotel experience – guests expect to be pampered and leave relaxed and refreshed.

But there are even more ways you can make your guests feel cherished…

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3 Little Ways You Can Make Your Hotel Guests Even Happier!

1. Personalise

Do some research on your guests before they arrive – ask for their Instagram pages and see what sort of things they post about. Do they post lots of nostalgic beach images? Upgrade them to your sea-view room for no additional expense, if you have one available at the time. Do they post lots of pictures of exquisitely prepared food? Know that beautiful food matters to them and give them recommendations from your hotel restaurant.

2. Be Warm

Get in touch with your guests before they even arrive! They’ll be impressed to be treated with such courtesy before they have even set foot in the door. This makes a great first impression and might improve their mood. When they arrive, be sure to greet them with a smile and offer a cup of tea or coffee on the house. If this guest is a returning guest, treat them as such.

3. Stay In Touch

Always check in with your guests – do they need anything? Provide unlimited free amenities and do not scrimp on these – never let guests run out of soap or toilet paper. Consider adding in little extras to help your guests feel that coveted support – a complimentary drink of champagne, free samples of face or hand lotion to take away, a discount on a future massage session, and so on. Leave your guest feeling appreciated and always welcome back. Wherever possible, go the extra mile for the individual guest. Why are they staying at your hotel? Are they there for a long holiday, or is it a stressful business trip? Offer them tailored spa services accordingly.

Call In The Spa Experts

If your hotel does not have a spa, give us a call – this is the final step you need to boost your hotel profile and turn a guest experience from good to great. Read our article on Understanding Hotel Spas in the meantime to learn about why they can be so profitable for a hotel owner!

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