Cruise Ship Spa Design

Cruise ships continue to be a popular choice with holiday-makers, so it is important to ensure your cruises are offering everything they want to experience. For many people, a spa represents that extra bit of luxury which can make the difference when choosing their cruise.

Providing a luxurious onboard spa designed by experts in spa cruise ship design really is one of the best ways to stand apart from your competitors.

Working with specialists in cruise ship spa design is vital though as a cruise ship is a completely different environment to any other venue where you might expect to find a spa. There are specific considerations when it comes to cruise ship spa design, such as space optimisation and mobility.

Here at Spa Creators, we have previous experience in designing spas for cruise ships. We understand that maintaining adaptability and creativity is crucial throughout the entire project.

Our designers will fully conceptualise the design, ensuring it fits perfectly within the parameters of the cruise ship. Our end-to-end spa cruise ship service begins with the idea but we take it all the way through to sourcing any art and adornments to complement the décor.

Luxury cruise spa floor plan of reception diagram
Luxury cruise Spa Floor plan layout

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Such a spa as we can create for you will greatly enhance the experience of your passengers. It will be a huge attraction for many holiday-makers, knowing that they can relax in the luxurious surroundings of the onboard spa either before or after their excursions.

Plus, while the benefits for your passengers are plain to see, installing a spa on your cruise ship will add extra revenue streams to increase your profitability. Your spa cruise ship will also be attractive to wellness enthusiasts as well as holiday-makers seeking that extra bit of luxury during their cruise.

If you need a creative spa cruise ship specialist to design a space-optimised cruise ship spa…

Luxury cruise spa reception diagram
Luxury cruise spa sunken pool diagram
 “Based on previous experience in developing residential spa facilities, Spa Creators were approached by Berkeley Homes to develop this unique residential spa concept exclusively for residents.”
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