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Outdoor spas are the epitome of luxury as guests are able to relax in comfortable surroundings while enjoying a wonderful view of the great outdoors. Outdoor spas are also an excellent addition to any hotel or resort as they bring in seasonal revenue during both hot and cold weather.

As experts in outdoor spa design, Spa Creators can design and build your outdoor spa to take full advantage of the unique aspects of your location. We will create a unique and luxurious experience for your guests, calling upon our years of experience to ensure your outdoor spa layout is perfectly suited to your venue.

With so much competition between hotels and resorts for customers, it is vital to take every advantage you can to stand apart from your competitors. An outdoor spa will certainly do that, especially when it has been designed by our experts in conceptualising, designing and installing the perfect outdoor spa.

Once installed, your outdoor spa design will attract more visitors and increase your revenue, making it an excellent ROI that will continue to enhance the reputation of your venue for years to come.

A reception and waiting area for a luxurious spa and hotel
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There are so many opportunities when it comes to outdoor spas, with the seasonal appeal being a big part of their rising popularity.

Guests are able to enjoy the natural beauty of their surroundings during the hot summer months, while also getting warm and cosy in thermal pools and saunas during the winter. This seasonal appeal is a huge boost to the profitability of an outdoor spa.

As a hotel or resort operator, you can capitalise on the popularity and seasonal profitability of outdoor spas by designing yours with Spa Creators. We offer an end-to-end service so you can stand apart from your competitors with the luxurious attraction that is an outdoor spa.

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If you want to stand apart from your competitors by offering your guests the unique experience of an outdoor spa, then get in touch with Spa Creators today.

 “Based on previous experience in developing residential spa facilities, Spa Creators were approached by Berkeley Homes to develop this unique residential spa concept exclusively for residents.”
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