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A hotel consultant will advise hotel owners on various ways to maximise revenue, with one of those ways being the introduction of a spa for the guests. A well-designed spa can be lucrative for a hotel, as many a luxury hotel consultancy would agree.

The availability of a spa can greatly elevate a guest’s customer experience while bringing in additional revenue on top of the usual room booking revenue. For a lot of guests, the presence of a spa at a hotel can be the deciding factor in choosing that hotel for their stay.

It is important to get the spa design right though, so that online reviews of your hotel are positive. That’s where Spa Creators come in. We provide hotel spa consultancy to ensure your spa design is optimised for the enjoyment of your guests.

The value of having an experienced consultant for hotel spa design cannot be underestimated. Hotel revenue consultants will agree that the quality of the spa is crucial so that it generates good word-of-mouth and becomes a genuine attraction for your hotel. When designed well, your hotel spa will improve profitability as an additional revenue stream while boosting the luxury aspect of your hotel.

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A hotel consultant will recognise that a spa is an opportunity to upsell the experience of your guests. Such a spa programme and package will often be advised by an experienced luxury hotel consultancy, as it elevates your hotel above competitors in the area and ensures your guests are more than satisfied with their stay.

At Spa Creators, we provide a full hotel spa consultancy including end-to-end services from concept to execution. Our designers create spas with hotel profitability in mind, something all hotel revenue consultants will agree is the best way to design a spa.

 “Based on previous experience in developing residential spa facilities, Spa Creators were approached by Berkeley Homes to develop this unique residential spa concept exclusively for residents.”
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