As a hotel owner, you want to maximise revenue while making sure all of your guests are happy with their stay. There are many parts to this careful balance, but your main priorities should be making sure your hotel is comfortable and clean, a sanctuary from the outside world for both holidayers and business travellers, with plenty of amenities. Of those amenities, you would be remiss to not include a hotel spa.

What Is A Hotel Spa?

It’s exactly what it sounds like – a spa located inside a hotel! The benefits for the guest are accumulative – people who are staying in a hotel are wanting to totally relax and be pampered, and with a spa just mere feet away, they avoid the hassle of having to travel. And for the hotel owner, a spa on site is the perfect way to boost the profile of their hotel and benefit enormously from the additional income that spas can bring in.

Diversified Revenue Streams

Spa hotels have multiple income sources, including room bookings, spa services, wellness packages, and additional amenities, contributing to financial stability. Why do people want to go to the spa so much? It’s the ultimate tranquil escape. It makes a good hotel stay a great hotel stay.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

A spa can offer so many things to a guest – health information, holistic treatments, access to a nutritionist or a physiotherapist, yoga and meditation sessions, and the list goes on. Hotel spas can be a complete package of restoration and relaxation, that can otherwise be hard to come across all in one place.

Premium Pricing Opportunities

Spa hotels offering wellness services are immensely valuable, both physically and mentally, and guests will be happy to pay for a premium quality service. It is absolutely worth it for restored peace of mind and a break away from the rigours of the world outside.

Extended Guest Stay And Occupancy Rates

Spa facilities contribute to longer guest stays, increased occupancy rates, and a higher potential for mid-week bookings. With access to a steam room, massages, beauty treatments and more, a spa can make a guest never want to leave, and therefore add a day or two onto their hotel stay. After all, what’s the rush to get back home when you already feel like the hotel is your home?

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