If you are trying to learn how to run a hotel business successfully, you’ve come to the right place. Starting up a hotel spa can be guaranteed additional income – but what if you could maximise that income to its absolute highest potential just by a few slight changes to your key decisions? Let’s take a look at what it takes to really succeed with a hotel spa business in the UK.

Firstly, find your niche

If you decide to launch a spa inside your hotel, you need to decide how to differentiate yourself from your competitors in order to stand out in the market.

Does the location of your hotel make you stand out? Are you located in a serene, picturesque area with beautiful views?

Do the services you offer make you stand out? Are you the only hotel spa in a 50-mile radius that comes equipped with a steam room?

Does the style of your hotel spa itself make you stand out? If every other spa in the area is painted in earth colours, for example, you should look at a completely different colour and design scheme.

Effective Revenue Management

If you are starting a hotel spa, once you have factored in your start-up costs such as increased rental space, equipment, staff recruitment and training, you next need to look at your service pricing – what you will charge for each service and how that could adjust to benefit both the customer and your business. From a business perspective, during peak times it makes sense to hike your spa prices up, and cut back on discounts during slow seasons, for example:

Assess the market carefully and look at what your competitors offer, including what they charge for individual services, what those services tend to be, and look for their customer reviews and ratings, making note of common themes that emerge, which you can then use to tweak your own business plan accordingly.

Wellness Integration

For some people, spas still have a reputation as being only for those who are beauty-conscious, but a little bit of marketing and targeted education can change that perception; spas are actually incredibly healthful ventures. Articles outlining the benefits of saunas or the importance of hot tubs have seriously contributed to much increased respect for spa services. Some people travel even as far as New Zealand for wellness retreats! This is proof of how much our society has grown to truly appreciate the value of self-care, with meditation and the concept of mindfulness on the rise, in particular.

You could appeal to those who are on a health kick – hosting New Year weight loss retreats or summer-ready rest and relaxation weekends are the perfect way to attract health-conscious customers and introduce them to the spa lifestyle, developing loyalty programs that incentivise repeat visits and reward guests for choosing both the hotel and spa services.

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