Nordic Moods – Scandinavian design has become increasingly popular outside of the Nordic countries in which it originates from, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Scandinavian design which was developed in the 1950’s is a design that focuses on simplicity, minimalism and functionality. They also describe this practice as ‘Hygge’ which embraces comfort, cosiness and wellbeing.  Over the last 10 years it is becoming more and more popular that people are paying particular attention to their health and well-being, this in turn is what has made the Hygge movement so popular, due to its calming, uncluttered and comforting design style.

There is no surprise that this style has been adopted in many commercial interiors due to its positive effects on wellness. We at Spa Creators will sometimes review how these Scandi principals can be used in a spa and wellness design project for one of our boutique hotel spa projects.

When designing a Nordic inspired spa interior there are some design characteristics to follow to achieve the simplicity and comfort in which comes from this design style. Using neutral and light tones throughout keeping it light and airy whilst adding touches of wood furniture and accents to warm up the space.  To add to this, we use decorative statements pendant lighting along with warm rich earth tones can enhance the space adding warmth. We also look at the sense of touch bringing in natural fabric through in the finishes and accessories like throws etc. . It is important to blend the minimal with luxury keeping in mind the guest using the space, a rule of being uncluttered yet inviting, function and form is a key balance. Let us show you how we can help bring spa and wellness design into your hotel spa.