Creating a versatile multi use space can provide a strong demand with various disciplines that share the facility creating a uniqueness to your spa offering. We have been looking at a range of activities including yoga, mindfulness and guided meditation and sound healing. The allocation of space is around 50sqm – 70sqm. These spaces are open and flexible ideally with windows and views. They need to be warm and inviting with a minimalist design. Storage is important for the various apparel required to carry out the different events.

We recently visited a boutique costal hotel in Camber Sands and the morning activity of the guests was a yoga session. We were surprised how well attend the sessions were with a good gender split. The guests attending the yoga class were of mixed abilities, some had never done yoga before. The yoga master takes the class through various moves over the course of a 40 minute session with all participants benefiting from the activity even with a group of very mixed abilities. Over the course of our visit we attended multiple sessions and they were all well attended. This facility was very simple with great finishes making it inviting, light and airy. The space was not to large with 15 people, this group size help promote an intimate experience. Yoga sessions can be charged for and a 30-40 minute session would be £25 – £40 per person. In this hotel it had been decided to offer a wellness experience as part of the room rate.

Another wellness event recently attended by Alistair was the sonic immersion experience ‘Sound Bath’ an ancient meditation method which uses various Himalayan singing bowls and crystal sound bowls, Gongs, Chimes that using the therapeutic sound to take a journey of deep relaxation, healing and self-discovery. This session was a guided meditation class [in this instance Emma] harnessing the alchemy of sound creating profound effects on our parasympathetic nervous system giving ourselves the chance to rest, rejuvenate and ultimately heal. The cost for a sound bath experience is £40-£75 per session.

Alistair commented ‘this was the most immersive experience I have had in a treatment. The sound waves energised you and left you feeling so relaxed.’

The room for the sound bath was set in a country house estate and was very simple open plan space, underfloor heating, natural neutral colour pallet and expansive windows with panoramic views. The room was very versatile and was used for a range of activities.

At the space planning stage of a designing your spa facility we would recommend reviewing this type of multi use space and the opportunities it can present. We believe it can provide a strong revenue stream and return on investment. The design should allow the flexibility of the room to enable the space to adapt with market demands and new trends. In addition the space provides group bookings to increase the pence Per Minute [PPM] rate. The recommended size would be 50sqm for a class size of 15 plus the practioner.