Discover the luxury eco designed sleep & thermal modular buildings by Spa Creators & LUMIpod,  ‘I am so excited to find this fantastic product and looking forward to implementing our first pods in the UK in the coming months’ comments Alistair Johnson [Director].

With 8 years of expertise in modular buildings and innovative spa solutions, Spa Creators is leading the way in transforming hospitality spaces. Our modular spa concepts have revolutionized the industry, offering rapid implementation, minimal disruption, and impressive return on investment for our clients.

Embracing a vision of luxury and sustainability, we are now introducing a ground breaking concept – ECO Sleep Pods for country houses and coastal hotels. By utilizing modular building techniques, we aim to provide unique and eco-friendly accommodations to enhance the guest experience.

Our partnership with a renowned French supplier has led us to unveil the spectacular LUMIpods, a series of stylish round modular bedroom pods that redefine luxury living. These cutting-edge structures offer a modern alternative to traditional tree houses and glamping pods, setting a new standard for hospitality design.

Sleep pod with view

LUMIpod have successfully installed the first eco Pod in Scotland, we are excited to partner with LUMIpod to expand this concept across the UK within Country House and Coastal Hotels. If you’re a hotelier seeking to elevate your property with innovative modular solutions, Spa Creators is here to turn your vision into reality. Contact our experts today to explore how our eco sleep Pods can enhance your hotel’s charm and increase your bedroom stock, all while blending seamlessly with your picturesque surroundings.

Embark on a journey of luxury, sustainability, and unparalleled guest experiences with Spa Creators’ and the LUMIpod. Let us transform your hospitality space into a haven of relaxation and elegance, setting you apart in the competitive world of country houses and coastal hotels. Elevate your property with the future of modular living – choose eco sleep pods by Spa Creators to unlock a world of possibilities for your guests.

As part of our previous articles about SPAshell and our adoption of modular building techniques we are working with LUMIpod to create thermal pods treatment rooms and relaxation pods. These buildings are super luxurious and provide a unique look to a site.SAUNA pod These can be added to a site very simply, these pods create unique experiences in remote locations and become the wow moment for a spa guest. Our company have a broad range of modular buildings to tackle any spa or bedroom project, we are sure we can help any property with our unique ideas and benefit from our experience in this sector.

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