SPA Creators have just selected Dawn Conn’s Sculpture of a lady diving for a new spa development

An important part of a residential or hotel spa project is dressing the space beyond the bricks and mortar and the architectural features and functionality. This can be achieved with plants but a very unique way is selecting unusual and one off pieces of art. We work directly with artists collaborating on how their work would fit a scheme both in form and function for the project or creating bespoke commissions. A dramatic piece for a recent project is the lady diving into the pool. This is a statement piece and creates the talking point at the end of an infinity pool.

We are delighted to have agreed to exhibit art for Dawn Conn on the website. Alistair commented ‘we are very excited to represent Dawn and absolutely love her work and the watery feeling she creates, it is so spa and wellness’.

SPA Creators will be adding various new pieces from new artists to the SPA living shop in the coming weeks. If you have any art requirements for your home or commercial spa let us help you source the most appropriate piece.

For more details¬† call 0118 9471857 or email [email protected]