Creating memories

Indoor outdoor living spaces allows us some creative thinking space to provide guests with an opportunity to connect with nature.

We have worked with a leading British manufacturer to bring a quirky and enjoyable wet spa experience with baths outside. This works well with bedroom suites and outdoor private garden areas. We have also used these baths to create signature experiences with treatments being done in outdoor areas, this is very exciting if you have a view of the countryside or a costal spot. These experiences would be bookable, chargeable and could be connected to a hands on treatment or the bath water can be infused with an aromatherapy oil or seaweed to provide additional wellness benefits. These allow non touch therapy and develops a revenue stream from a very simple low cost addition providing a strong ROI.

SPA Creators have over 20 years of spa design experience in hotels and high end residential properties. We have brought the outdoor bath time to our SPA Living shop if you would like to buy a bath or alternatively let one of our team create the ideal solution for your property.

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