Vera our latest member of the team introduces some fun facts about herself.

Q. What is your favourite colour and why?

A. I love the colour amber it makes me feel warm and energised, it recharges me like the sun.

Q. Intro to her life

A. I live with my little family, my two sons and husband. Even though I’m the worst gamer in the family, I always win at Ten Pin bowling!

Q. Which is your most exciting project?

A. This is always such a hard question, as each project is so different. I would say Turtle Bay, Bournemouth stands out as a project where I felt growth and responsibility as a designer. This project hit the brief with its creative design and detailing. It was a joy to work on! I believe my greatest work is yet to come.

Q What is your latest favourite interiors feature?

A. I find inspiration from the history, culture, trends and innovative products. The way we use design inspires me to push boundaries 

and create something new with a purpose. At the moment I’m very influenced by Es Devlin work.

I love the way she thinks outside her ‘stage box’ to create a powerful, rememberable moment that celebrates the client and their values!



Q. Quote of the day

A. “Create something you’re proud of” Vera Ralph