A question that is regularly asked of my team is ‘what is my spa capacity?’

In simple terms, our design process takes the total number of seating relaxation areas in dry and wet spa to calculate this [changing areas and lockers must also be considered]. It is important to include areas for people to find sanctuary as part of their spa journey, the more spaces to stop off the better. At a recent project Elcot Park Signet Spa we used a small lounge space within the treatment suite to create a stop off point pre and post treatment. It utilises the available space extremely effectively and creates a bright airy calm destination for guests.

When embarking on a spa design it is important to take advice to ensure you don’t miss anything, its often the most obvious things that get missed. SPA Creators have over 20 years of spa design experience working on over 75 projects within hotels and high end residential properties. If we can help with your project do give one of our team of spa experts a call. Our client projects would be guide to what an important part we can play in your projects success.


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