Spa Creators investigate the heritage of traditional Roman baths with a visit to the wonderful AIRE Spa in Barcelona.

Nestled in the heart of Barcelona in an 18th century warehouse are these ancient baths . Aire is a traditional style Roman Bath house that Alistair visited to experience an authentic Spanish spa.

The spa has a combination of thermal rooms and spa pools. These included two warm wallow pools [Caldarium], two ice pools [Frigidarium] and a Salt Flotation pool, ‘my personal favourite’ comments Alistair Johnson. The thermal rooms included an Aroma Infused Steam room and traditional Sauna. Alistair particularly enjoyed the warm pool that was filled with running water that was located within the Steam room, he commented ‘a very different idea and a great play on the traditional Hammam where running water creates the steam as it runs onto the warm surfaces in the room to create the steam’.

A picture of a modern spa inspired by traditional roman baths

The treatments offered in a tranquil area away from the wet spa included a range of rituals and massages for one or two people. In addition there was an open area with flat marble heated slab beds [Hammam style] that they carried out scrub treatments that were offered in a communal space. ‘This worked well and was a very effective use of the space’.

When designing spas SPA Creators designers try and create authentic experiences and the Aire spa certainly achieved this with the layout and the theme of a Roman Bath House. We believe if you are going to deliver a themed spa a focus on the concept is important. We are looking at a number of projects and these range from holistic natural spas, forest spas, costal Thalasso style spas, in each we are maintaining the key thread of the story weaved through the scheme.

The goal of our journeys of discovery in the last couple of years is to experience new ways of doing things. We have learnt that sometimes tradition with a twist can achieve the new age of spa. As spa designers, I am sure we can create a unique spa and wellness spa facility for your property. Let us know how we can help.