If you’ve googled ‘what does a spa consultant do?’, chances are you’re looking to create or improve upon your own spa, but you’re thinking of teaming up with someone who specialises in just that. So, we’re glad you asked! A spa consultant is slightly different from a full-service spa expert and we think could be even more of a help to you. Nevertheless, let’s dive into this topic. Read on…

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What A Spa Consultant Does

A spa consultant does everything they can to guarantee that your spa will be a success. A spa consultant is not a spa employee – rather, they are an expert in the spa industry who can guide you from step 1 to profit. Whether it’s choosing the immersive location for your luxury spa to helping find your spa staff to deciding what services you’ll offer, a spa consultant does everything to get you set up.

A spa consultant can help you pick out a colour scheme, sift through the CVs of potential job candidates, plan a financial forecast, and work out the best way to market your spa and budget accordingly. You’ll also need to arrange a rental contract, purchase equipment, obtain health and safety and operational licenses, and ensure that your income exceeds your outgoings. This is typically all taken care of before your spa is open and operating on a day-to-day basis.

So, how does this differ from a full-service spa expert like Spa Creators?

What Spa Creators Do

Put simply, we go beyond just setup. Take a quick look at our Services page for a full breakdown of all the ways that we actively help our clients, but essentially, we are happy to take control of every detail, and we don’t just set up and then leave – we stay with you. Once we have got your spa up and running, we will be a phone call away with an ongoing maintenance plan and support arrangement. You’re in safe hands with a spa expert like Spa Creators, because there is no challenge we have not come across before, and know exactly how to solve.

With Spa Creators, no matter what happens, we will be there to help. Left to their own devices, many new spa owners find it hard to retain customers, struggle to adequately train staff, find guests vaguely dissatisfied but never really know why, and much more. That’s where an expert with a trained eye comes in, and between us all, at Spa Creators we have decades of experience to help a spa owner course correct.

But of course, if working with a spa expert from day one, many of these typical pitfalls can be avoided altogether, which is the beauty of it! When you want to run a luxury spa, hiring a full-service spa expert is the smart thing to do.

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So, now you know exactly what a spa consultant and what a full-service spa expert do and don’t do, you are probably now more certain about whether or not you would like to hire those services. If you’d like to have a more general chat and to discuss your options with us, we’ll be happy to help. Please fill out our contact form or call us on 01182305125 and let’s get started.

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