Over the last couple of years SPA Creators design team have been embracing the idea of touchless therapies. What does touchless therapy mean ‘it is a treatment that does not require a qualified member of staff to complete the treatment ‘ and yet create a guest experience that offers therapeutic benefits which a guest will pay for.

As a result we have been looking at spa salt flotation solutions. The concept of salt flotation comes from the dead sea, it allows for the treatment to take on a strong story and a theatre around the experience. There are a number of float tank suppliers available and we have used the leading flotation pods being used in a number of float centres in London UK. The investment cost of a Floatation tank/Pod is £25,000 – £35,000.

We have now installed 3 flotation solutions in to luxury boutique country house hotels. The feedback to these installations and  treatment experiences has been very positive with guests when they have taken a float. The revenue has been strong with charges ranging from £35-£70 per 30 minute float. The float treatment is being sold as part of a package, a single treatment or an add on to a hotel stay and spa visit.

The spa manger at a hotel client in Hungerford who has recently opened and had not used a flotation facility has commented ‘we have found we had to explain the whole idea of a salt flotation’ to a guest that have not heard of flotation which has required our staff to explained  to get a guest to try the experience.  It is important to recognise that staff need to buy into the offer and the therapeutic benefits etc. or the client adoption is low. The best way of achieving this is for every member of staff to try the float for themselves and then be trained correctly on how to promote the therapy. Selling treatment experiences extends to all client/guest touchpoints and giving all staff access to the salt floatation experience is important.

Salt Flotation should generate income and a ROI within 2 years of installation. The Lion Quays hotel have been operating a very successful flotation experience and we can arrange for interested hotels in salt flotation to visit and discuss with the team how and why they have been so successful.

Do reach out to one of our team who will be there to help.